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National Fishing in Schools Program                                                              


How To Apply
     The National Fishing in Schools Program curriculum and equipment ("NFSP Curriculum Kit") are available for public schools, private schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations at a reduced price thanks to the cooperation of several equipment manufacturers and the generosity of our donors.

     The grant application and award cycle for 2014-15 is closed as of May 31, 2015.  Applications for funding to support NFSP in public and private schools will be evaluated  beginning in January, 2016.  Applications may continue to be made at any time and will be acknowledged. Applications for funding are treated in a "first-come, first-served" manner for qualifying schools and institutions.

     Please be aware that the curriculum and equipment purchased through this program are to be used only by the acquiring organizationIt is not to be resold, or purchased for the benefit of individuals. 

     To purchase the "Fishing in Schools" curriculum and equipment, please follow the steps below.
  1. Fill out an application: We are required to collect information on each of our applicants: 
    1. Fill out and submit the application form below (whether or not supplemental funding is being sought.)
    2. Or, you may print it and send it in by mail.
    3. Indicate on the form what type of institution you represent and whether or not you wish to apply for funding assistance from the Fishing Education Foundation

  2. Order the curriculum & equipment: To order the NFSP Curriculum Kit directly, please follow the guidance to order online from our store as described below, or request by:
    1. postal mail to: NFSP  PO Box 6666 Lincoln, NE 68506
    2. fax: NFSP 775-245-3770
    3. send by email:

  3. Provide documentation of your non-profit status (copy of 501(c) (3) registration, copy of sales tax exemption certificate, or other documentation evidencing status).  You may enter on your application or email, fax or postal mail to us.

  4. Equipment is generally available to coincide with school semesters: so spring and fall of the year are primary times.  You may receive multiple shipments from our vendors.

Please select the appropriate application form &/or order below

  • Application Form - for those wishing to apply for the "Fishing in Schools" program (you may include your request for funding assistance from the Fishing Education Foundation on this application)

  • Those wishing to order the equipment package and pay directly, may do so from our online store: NFSP Online Store