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National Fishing in Schools Program                                                              


  School Requirements

Outlined below are the specific requirements for schools to participate in the National Fishing in Schools Program.
  1. NFSP requires schools to have the desire to commit to continue the program for at least 3 years.  A non-binding Memorandum of Understanding describes this mutual "handshake."

  2. To help us evaluate the program, at the start ("Pre-Survey") and close ("Post-Survey") of each unit, instructors and students are asked to fill out Survey Forms and return them to NFSP.  These help us keep the program "trim and fit."

  3. Each teacher instructing the course must take and pass the Teacher Training Course and be certified by an NFSP Certified Teacher Trainer at a Personal Training or via the NFSP CAST Online Course prior to implementation of the program.

  4. Personal Teacher Training is one day.  Sessions are arranged at various locations/dates.  (See teacher training for current schedule and information on how to register for a session.)

  5. Schools are strongly encouraged to work with their local/state fish and wildlife agency, fishing retailer, Trout Unlimited, fishing club, etc. to conduct a course-concluding "highlight" fishing outing to a local lake, stream, etc.  They are experts in sharing the importance of licenses, regulations, resource management, local fishing information, etc. (not to mention they know where you should go fishing.)  Contact us for assistance with establishing a qualified NFSP Mentor.

  6. NFSP hopes schools encourage participation by their students and their families in the locally-arranged "F.I.S.H.* Events" sponsored by NFSP and state partners. 

  7. The NFSP Curriculum Kit is provided to the school upon satisfaction of these requirements.  See the specific contents at Program Costs.

  8. The "Cast A Fly...Catch A Student" and/or "Cast A Lure, Catch A Student" standard curriculum is provided for each grade, 6-12.  It is a standardized, 10 day program.  However, by design, it allows for expansion at the option of the teacher/school/district.  Individual units/lesson plans enable "customization" off the basic unit.  It is designed as a "formal class", but can be integrated into an existing course, if desired.  The curricula meets 6 national standards: PE, Math, Science, Language Arts, Fine Arts and Technology.  Curriculum may be accessed in print, digital and mobile platforms.

* Fishing in Schools Happening