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National Fishing in Schools Program                                                              


NFSP CAST* Level 1 Teacher Training Course

To become prepared and qualified to teach the NFSP curriculum, "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student", in private or public schools or institutions, an educator must first receive training and pass a certification exam from the National Fishing in Schools Program.  Such course/certification is available not only to professional teachers, but to anyone wishing to learn how to fly fish and then teach others. 

The course is available 2 ways: at a Personal Training Session that are scheduled from time-to-time in various locations, or Online, at all times and places where internet service is available.

To become an NFSP Level 1 Certified Teacher, please take the following steps:
  1. Obtain the necessary equipment ... if you are a teacher at an existing NFSP installed school with the NFSP Curriculum Kit, you have everything you will need to take the training.  If not, purchase the NFSP Teacher Training Equipment Kit from the NFSP Online Store; you will be directed there upon receipt of your application.

  2. Register for an NFSP Training Course ... you may attend a Personal Training Session or take the self-study NFSP CAST Online Training Course; you will be directed there upon receipt of your application..

  3. Pass the NFSP Level 1 Certification Exam ... at the conclusion of your training course you will take the Certification Exam at your Personal Training or Online.

* NFSP CAST: Course Applications for Students & Teachers

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